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Author: Jamie Bell

How to create incredible new employee announcement emails

A new employee announcement email introduces a new hire to the rest of their specific team, their department, or the company as a whole! It’s a great opportunity to start a team member off on the right foot with your organization, and also remind people that it’s a good idea to watch 👀 the internal…

Employee newsletter names: best practices, ideas, and examples

Naming your employee newsletter isn’t necessary, but it can be a delightful and engaging way to elevate your internal brand and build more affinity with your team when done well. Don’t put too much pressure on it, though; a forced pun or irrelevant nickname can do more harm than good. But if you’re looking for a…

5 new ways to engage your employees via email

Jump to: Create a branded experience | Get feedback Add motion | Personalize the content | Add moments of delight Email is the #1 most-used form of internal communication and is part of the strategy for 97% of IC teams, according to our 2023 trends survey. But even though email has been around for decades, it still…

Intranet names: best practices, ideas, and examples

The benefits of a company intranet reach far beyond just internal communications! Having a great central hub can have huge, tangible impacts on your bottom line and your employees’ wellbeing. But if you still need to sell your team on all the benefits of an intranet, here are 29 of them! Now let’s dive into naming your…

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