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Author: Jamie Bell

Intranet names: best practices, ideas, and examples

The benefits of a company intranet reach far beyond just internal communications! Having a great central hub can have huge, tangible impacts on your bottom line and your employees’ wellbeing. But if you still need to sell your team on all the benefits of an intranet, here are 29 of them! Now let’s dive into naming your…

How to create a listserv

A listserv is a basic tool that gives an organization the ability to send an email to a group of people. It requires relatively little work, which is one reason this super out-of-date technology is still in use today (mostly in government, legal, and educational sectors). All you have to do is to create an…

11 examples of holding statements for crisis comms

When a crisis breaks out, one of the very first things that you need to do is to issue a holding statement (internally and externally). If company operations are disrupted, customers will want to know how they’ll be impacted. Employees may be concerned and will want answers. The media might be knocking on your door…

How to segment your internal audiences (with examples!)

Internal communication is essential to keep employees informed and engaged, but sending the same message to all employees can be too much (and can ultimately lead to communication overload and decreased engagement). That’s why audience segmentation is so powerful! With just a few small shifts, you can send targeted and relevant messages to specific groups…

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