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Introducing campaigns!

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Great internal communications strategies make use of multiple touchpoints across some period of time: like your company’s monthly newsletter, weekly letters from the CEO, or the annual emails you send out about open enrollment. Each of these examples are a group of emails sharing a common goal. Your newsletter hopes to inform the company about important topics, new hires, recent customer wins, and cultural events. Your CEO updates are meant to keep the team aligned, inspired, and focused on the mission. The open enrollment emails hope to ensure that every employee that needs to enroll does so by the deadline.

Each week, your company sends multiple emails across many topics. This can make it challenging to see how your monthly newsletter is performing in aggregate, or if your open enrollment strategy is actually engaging employees. You may be stuck pulling the read and click-through data of individual emails, or trying to figure out who opened the first email but not the second.

This is why we’re excited to introduce campaigns to Workshop!

Campaigns allow you to group communications around a specific topic and study the campaign’s effectiveness over time. This means your team can break through the noise of a busy communication pipeline and organize your most important messages into one easy-to-read view.

View trend data for your campaigns

With Workshop’s campaign timeline chart, you’ll be able to see engagement trends over time.

Analyze employee engagement

View all recipients of your campaign and use Workshop’s engagement metric to understand how employees are engaging with your entire campaign (not just a one-off email).

Get back to work quickly

See all of your draft, scheduled, or sent emails for a campaign in one location. Ready to add another email to your campaign? Do it right from your campaign overview page to speed up your process.


See campaigns in action

Interested in seeing how campaigns can help your team improve strategic communication? We’d love to show you a live demo!

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More product updates

Gather employee feedback with embedded pulse surveys

Embed “pulse surveys” straight into your internal email templates and quickly gauge how your employees feel about a particular topic.

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Break down your email analytics by department, location, and more

Effective, intentional communication is the key to increasing engagement and alignment across your company. Of course, we know it’s not one-fits-all: what inspires teams in different departments or locations varies drastically. That’s why it’s important to look at not only the overall analytics of your comms across the entire company, but also to drill down and understand data within specific pockets of the organization.

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Make better decisions with more data

Many internal communications teams spend hours crafting detailed and strategic campaigns, but lack the data to understand how they perform. With Workshop, your team can make more informed decisions and answer those important questions to better inform strategy going forward. 

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