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Create a single archive of your email campaigns for easy reference

Jamie Bell

Teams that use Workshop love our campaigns feature, which allows you to plan and group communications around a specific topic and study the data and effectiveness of that campaign over time. Whether it’s all-hands meeting recaps or the monthly employee newsletter, you can organize all of your most important messages in one easy-to-read view.

Turns out, many of our customers take the links to those individual emails within a campaign and share them in a centralized document or intranet post for employees to refer back to over time. No more! To end copy-and-pasting links over and over and over and over again, we’ve added a native feature in Workshop to automatically create an archive of any previous emails within a campaign. This campaign archive neatly organizes all of the emails from a single campaign into one convenient web-based page (and one single shareable link).

Just share the archive link with co-workers or team members and everyone stays on the same page (literally)!

Here are a few of our favorite use cases: 

  • CEO newsletters/weekly updates: Include your always-updated shareable archive link each time, and the entire team can catch up on letters from the leadership team from last week, last month, or last year.
  • Onboarding/new hires: Streamline important links and welcome emails for new hires, giving them quick access to essential information.
  • Product or service launches: Reference and iterate on previous pieces to make sure your messaging is consistent and effective (and easy)
  • Open enrollment: Keep your open enrollment series at hand to modify and send for new employees, boosting both your engagement and compliance.
  • Retreats or internal events: Gather all related emails in one link for easy access and coordination, ensuring smooth planning and execution.

Campaign archives are one of many hand-crafted Workshop features designed to help you manage your internal communications strategy at a higher level. See more here!

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