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See a bird’s-eye view of your internal communications calendar

Jamie Bell

With Workshop, you can now see a complete overview of all of your internal communications emails, all in one place. Our new communications calendar tells you what emails have been sent and gives you a complete look into the future so you can see every single scheduled and upcoming send. 

By strategically scheduling your emails, you’ll avoid any worries you might have about information overload and make sure that every message gets the attention it deserves. You can know with confidence that you’re not “stepping on anyone’s toes” or overlapping your department’s email with another department’s email.

Our calendar also helps you save time and reduce stress by giving you the ability to plan your communication strategy in advance. No more last-minute rushes or hasty decisions…if your CEO needs that email sent tomorrow, it’s easy for you to see what else might be going out at the same time (and reschedule it if needed).

This communications calendar is the perfect addition to Workshop’s user-friendly dashboard, helping you navigate and plan your comms with even more ease. Sent emails are marked in green, and scheduled emails in purple: a straightforward, color-coded system that makes it easy to see where you are and where you’re going. You can also see what additional notification channels your email has been sent to (or is scheduled to be sent to) at a glance, whether that’s Slack, Sharepoint, or Microsoft Teams!

If your company is sending sensitive and/or private internal communications, no worries — our privacy and sharing settings apply to the calendar view, too! Users see ‘placeholders’ for emails they don’t have access to, preventing accidental overlap. (Those with access can view full details and make necessary edits directly.)

This is one of many features we’ve built specifically for teams who need a better way to manage their internal comms and streamline their workflow. Browse through even more here! 

This feature is available for all Workshop users, regardless of plan type. Get in touch with our sales team for access/pricing!

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