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Incident Communication Template

Having an incident communication plan in place can help streamline your communication efforts and keep your entire team informed! We've created this incident communication template so you can identify roles and responsibilities, determine communication channels, and easily create clear and concise messages for your team (just in case).

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How to use this incident communication template

In this resource includes sections for the following:

  • Incident definitions: What your team understand if and when a situation becomes an incident
  • Roles and responsibilities: The roles and responsibilities of individuals within your team for various communication tasks during an incident
  • Key stakeholders: Folks on your team or within your company who need to be informed during an incident
  • Communication channels: The communication channels your team will use for incident communications
  • Message templates: A list of pre-approved message templates for different types of incidents
  • Message approval process: A clear process for message approval
  • Post-incident evaluation process: A review of each incident after it has been resolved to review the effectiveness of the communication plan + identify areas for improvement


How to use this incident communication template

This template is available as a Google Doc or Microsoft Word Doc! It’s simple, streamlined, and totally customizable for your company’s needs.

Download this template:

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