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Weekly CEO Update Email Template

Effective, consistent communication is the #1 job of any CEO. This email template will give you an outline and example for what a weekly CEO update should look like!

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What a weekly CEO update email should include (+ how to use this template)

The most important job of any CEO is communication — there should be a wide variety of different touchpoints to reiterate the company’s mission, values, goals, performance, and more. All too often, we hear from CEOs that get up in front of the company only once a month (or even worse, once a quarter).

One of our favorite ways to make sure the company doesn’t go too long without hearing from their CEO is via a weekly email. There have been a few popular examples of this over time, and we’ve adapted a few of our favorites to create this template for you.

Ours includes:

  • A warm introduction, and a place to celebrate your customers or your company culture
  • An overview of the company’s progress towards goals & key metrics
  • A place for the CEO to share a few things on her/his mind: positives, negatives, interesting ideas, thoughtful research, internal project updates, etc.
  • A weekly ask for specific feedback or input
  • A quick signoff

You can adapt this template to suit your own personal style as a CEO, and it’s available to download as a Word doc, Google Doc, or PDF.

How to create the weekly CEO email, and when to send it

The weekly CEO email update shouldn’t be a throw-away task that you do at the last second, and sent at an inconsistent time every week. Remember: for a lot of your employees, this may be the only time they hear from and communicate with you all week.

Make it count and make it really intentional! We recommend setting aside time every Friday (about 30 minutes or so should do it) to craft the email, and then scheduling it to send to employees sometime between 9 – 10 AM on Monday morning. You’ll be able to set the direction for the company that week with a well-crafted update, and your employees will have had a bit of time to settle in before getting it.

Download this template:

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