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How to create an internal communication channel matrix (+ a free template!)

In the ever-evolving landscape of internal communication, knowing the best way to connect with your diverse workforce is key. Navigating through the multitude of communication channels can feel overwhelming, making it tricky to pinpoint the most effective ones. But don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect solution for you. A channel matrix! We’ll cover why a…

How to launch an employee advocacy program

Employee advocacy is the public promotion of a company’s mission, values, brand, and offerings by the employees themselves. It happens organically and is likely happening in your organization already, without any formal program in place. We’ve done a deep dive into the benefits of employee advocacy that you can check out here!  But if you’re…

Employee newsletter ideas for August

August can feel like a quiet month, but there are plenty of topics you can cover in your employee newsletter that will keep your team feeling engaged and motivated! We’ve done all the research for you and whittled down the list of daily, weekly, and monthly holidays and observances to find the ones that are…

3 MORE steps to planning a successful company offsite or retreat

In the first part of our company offsite blog series, we broke down 3 key steps to planning a successful offsite: defining the event’s purpose + goals, your objective, and your budget. (You can check out part 1 here!) Today we will be breaking down three more critical steps to planning a successful company offsite,…

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