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Translate internal emails into multiple languages (with AI!)

Jamie Bell

Effective communication within a diverse workforce often means you have to translate content into different languages. Whether it’s sharing company-wide announcements, mission-critical news, or everyday project updates, ensuring that every employee can understand and engage with the content is a basic must-have. However, the traditional translation process can be a chore: it’s often time-consuming, cumbersome, and prone to errors.

So, when you need a quick way to deliver emails in multiple languages, we’re here to offer it to you with multilingual email translation!

With Workshop, you can now translate emails into different languages quickly and accurately using AI. Simply drag and drop in a “translation block” at the top of your emails with a few pre-selected options, and your employees can immediately choose the language they’d like to read the email in! All it takes is a single click, and your audience can instantly see the content in the language of their choice.

Here’s a bit more on how it works:

  • For administrators, we’ve included a dedicated section in Company Settings to manage language translation and add your company’s most-used languages for quick and easy access! (This setting is visible only to admins.)
  • This goes beyond the inbox! You can also share the web link of your email with employees, and they can choose to read the email in any of our 130 available languages. (This is a great option for frontline or deskless employees!)

Here are a few of our favorite ways that customers are currently using our translation feature:

  • Inclusive company announcements: Multilingual employees can now view company-wide announcements in their native language, promoting inclusivity and ensuring that important information reaches everybody.
  • Onboarding or training emails: For new hires who don’t speak your organization’s primary language, you can translate their onboarding emails and training details quickly and easily, cutting down on the time it takes to get them up and running. 
  • Recaps of large events or meetings: Transcribe team meetings, discussions, CEO letters, memos, or presentations that may not have been recorded or written in your employee’s preferred language. Just toss that transcribed content into an email, and tada! You’re able to keep everyone on the same page. 

A quick note: While we’re excited about the possibilities this feature opens up, it’s important to acknowledge that there are a few limitations!

Language support: We’re able to translate to over 130 different languages, but the availability of certain languages may be limited. 

Translation accuracy: While we aim to always offer high-quality translations, occasional inaccuracies or cultural nuances may arise. (We encourage you to review and verify the translated content for important communications!)

Limited analytics: While you can see how many people open the web version of your email, you will be unable to track clicks within the web version itself, nor will you be able to see analytics like read time or device type. 

At Workshop, we completely recognize the crucial role that clear, accessible communication plays within diverse teams and organizations. And we’re committed to making your workflow a little lighter, and your communications more inclusive!

This feature is only available for users on our Premium plan. Get in touch with our sales team or your Workshop account manager for access/pricing!

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