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30/60/90 Day Internal Comms Checklist

Your first 90 days are your first impressions! It’s an opportunity you may not get again, and it’s often a rare moment where you can be a bit high-level before you have to dive into the day-to-day work. Having a 30/60/90 day plan can help structure your first few months and set you up for success!

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What's included in this 30/60/90 day internal comms checklist

Here are a few of the recommendations included in this checklist for a thorough 30-60-90 day plan in a new internal communications role!

The first 30 days:

  • Share your 30/60/90 day plan
  • Understand the company’s current goals, priorities, and values

The first 60 days:

  • Complete an internal communications audit
  • Determine key metrics & set benchmarks

The first 90 days:

  • Document your internal comms strategy
  • Publish a monthly report

How to use this 30/60/90 day internal comms checklist

This template is available as a Google Doc or Microsoft Word Doc! It’s simple, streamlined, and totally customizable for your company’s needs.

Download this template:

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