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Thursday, Dec. 9 at 12 PM CT

How to communicate a new employee vaccination policy

Get everything you need (resources, real advice, and more) to craft a strong, clear communications strategy and successfully roll out your company's new COVID-19 vaccination policy.

What you'll get out of this 60-minute workshop:

  • The right way to prepare and approach vaccine mandate communications
  • Ideas for communicating across multiple channels to engage employees and reiterate information
  • Strategies for handling potential employee pushback
  • 4 free templates (including a vaccination policy template, a vaccination status form template, an internal comms plan template, and a suggested email campaign)

Nervous about rolling out a new employee vaccination policy? Despite what you may have read, many companies have successfully implemented a new COVID-19 vaccination policy with relatively little employee attrition or pushback. The key is putting together a strong, clear communications plan that explains the “why” behind the policy, sets expectations in advance, and gets leadership buy-in from the beginning.

You don’t have to take our word for it: join Derek (our Chief Customer Officer) and Haleigh Brouillette, Corporate Communications Manager at Hudl, as they take us through an in-depth workshop and highlight tips and tricks from Hudl’s successful rollout of their new employee vaccination policy! πŸ™‚

Meet the speakers:

Haleigh Brouillette
Corporate Communications Manager at Hudl
Derek Homann
Chief Customer Officer for Workshop

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Roll out new policies with style

Inform your team about your company's new policies with engaging email and text campaigns built with them in mind. Workshop is the most effective way to create, send, and measure branded internal communications across distributed teams.

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