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How to create the perfect employee newsletter

Date: Tuesday, February 1 at 12 PM CST
  • How to create an engaging all-company newsletter that your employees actually want to read
  • A few ideas for making content creation easier than ever
  • Tips and tricks for more specific communication situations (like frontline employees or teams across different time zones)
  • Plus, we’ll send you a ton of newsletter templates you can use for inspiration, ideas for naming your newsletter, and so much more! 

Creating the perfect employee newsletter can seem like less of a dream and more of a nightmare.

Building a weekly or monthly email that is relevant to every employee, satisfies your stakeholders, represents your brand, and performs well is a challenge that every single internal communicator shares, and we’ve been working with companies of all sizes (and across every industry) to create the perfect one.

Join us for this Workshop workshop to talk through all of your newsletter woes and learn all of the tips and tricks we have to share. At the end of it, our goal is to turn your weekly or monthly email into something you (and your team) truly look forward to!

Meet the speakers:

Jess Spangler
Senior Account Executive at Workshop
Jamie Bell
VP of Marketing at Workshop
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