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Thursday, May 26 at 12 PM CST

How to make M&A a positive employee experience

Mergers and acquisitions can be a scary, uncertain time for employees, but you can come out of them stronger than ever! Join us for a workshop that'll teach you how to bring the company together, communicate transparently, and use this time of great change to create a positive, engaging employee experience.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to successfully communicate through a merger or acquisition
  • A few ideas for creating positive, engaging content throughout the experience
  • Tips and tricks that we’ve used in the past to tackle FAQs, timelines, and more
  • Plus, we’ll send you a ton of communication templates you can customize for your M&A emails! 

Most of the content and press around mergers and acquisitions is heavily focused on the negative, but we’ve seen it handled successfully!

An intentional focus on (and investments in) your internal communications strategy, with the support of senior leadership, will set your merger/acquisition up for continued success by creating a motivated team with a shared purpose, all supporting the newly formed company’s success. With the help of a few of our favorite templates, you can put together a plan that will engage key stakeholders and your entire organization before, during, and after the big change.

Join us to learn our tips, tricks, and best practices for making M&A a positive employee experience!

Meet the speakers:

Kristin Cooke
AVP, Strategic Communications Manager at Citizens Bank
Jamie Bell
VP of Marketing at Workshop

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