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Internal Communications Metrics Dashboard

It's easy to track and share the most important internal communications metrics with this easy dashboard template! Enter your weekly data and see how your performance changes over time.

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How to use this internal communications metrics dashboard template

This internal communications KPIs dashboard is ready for you to customize with all of the statistics that you want to track and share on a weekly basis. There are built-in places to track internal email open rates, click-through rates, read times, engagement rates, and anything else you want to add. We’ve also set up example sections for tracking employee text messaging metrics, intranet KPIs, and messaging platform measurements. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Get your copy of the internal communications KPIs dashboard, in whichever format works best for you. 
  • Take a look around the document and see which tracking elements are relevant to your internal comms team and which you can do without. 
  • Once you have a good feel for how the data and the weekly report are connected, delete the sample numbers on the Data tab.
  • Customize for the internal comms metrics you want to share, your actual employee email, text, intranet, and chat campaigns, and your actual data.

What you’ll find in this internal communications metrics dashboard template

The internal communications KPI dashboard is available as a Google Sheet and as a downloadable Excel doc. Get your own copy (you can’t edit ours!) and get ready to customize. Here’s what you’ll see – 

Data Tab

The tab labeled Data has 10 weeks worth of “sample” KPIs from a faux company. It’s a good idea to see how the data is entered in order to customize your own dashboard. All 52 weeks of the year are there so that the annual numbers can calculate… just start wherever you are in the calendar year!

Weekly KPI Report Tab

Visit the Weekly KPIs Report tab to see what’s being tracked and shown. You’ll see a number of pretend campaigns and initiatives here you can change and customize to your needs. It’s set up to display the data you entered for this week and track whether you’re above or below your goal, as well as show the changes this week over last week. Here’s what we’re tracking for the faux company as you see it:

Email This Week

  • Weekly Employee Newsletter to the entire company, sent each Thursday. The tracker is looking at
    • Number of newsletters delivered
    • Open rate this week
    • Click-through rate this week
    • Read rate of this newsletter
    • Survey submissions from an in-email open-response survey
    • A rating out of 5 stars from an in-email pulse survey 
  • Product Updates emailed to a smaller group of employees twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. The tracker is looking at
    • Avg. number of emails delivered per week
    • Avg. open rate of product update emails per week
    • Avg. CTR of product update emails delivered per week
    • Avg. read rate of product update emails delivered per week
  • Sales Team Awards sent only to the smaller sales team each Monday
    • Number of newsletters delivered
    • Open rate this week
    • Click-through rate this week
    • Shares to social media by the sales team

Email This Year

The tracker also adds up all the data you’ve entered so far this year and shows whether you’re above or below your target number. 

SMS, Intranet, and Employee Chat KPIs

There are also examples of how to track KPIs for employee text messaging, intranet engagement, and employee chat tools. Each uses a similar format for entering and displaying the data as the email section. 

Past Campaigns

You’ll find an example of how this faux company showed results from a limited-run campaign, in this case it was Open Enrollment emails in the first few weeks of the year.

Download this template:

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