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How to create employee influencers

  • How to encourage employees to naturally share more on social media
  • The difference between thought leaders, advocates, and influencers
  • Specific ideas for working with the CEO (your#1 employee influencer)
  • How to identify potential advocates and create a small pilot program to start
  • We’ll even include a recommended social media policy template!

Internal communicators are ready to bring the company to life and make employees the hero of the story. While we know top-down communication will always be a necessary part of the job, we find that communicators are increasingly interested in giving employees a voice (internally and externally) and encouraging them to play a more active role in the company’s comms strategy. In fact, thought leadership, employee advocacy, and employee influencers made up 3 of the top 4 internal communications trends this year, according to our 2023 trends survey.

Of course, it’s not as easy as telling an employee to share this here and post that there, but it is easier than you think to develop these voices within your own organization. We’ll even tackle some of the tougher “what-ifs” of these ideas, from convincing leadership to building a social media policy that supports this effort. Join us!

Meet the speakers:

Kelsey Kingdon
Marketing Strategist at Workshop
Jamie Bell
VP of Marketing at Workshop
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