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Gather employee feedback with embedded pulse surveys

Jamie Bell

Employee surveys are one of the most meaningful tools we have to gather feedback from the organization at scale, but it’s really easy to overdo it! Rather than sending long-form surveys with your team every other week, you can add simple pulse surveys directly into your internal emails and employee newsletters. Not only will it increase engagement on those emails, but one quick question often gets a much higher response rate than a full-blown survey. 

You can embed these “pulse surveys” straight into your favorite Workshop email templates and quickly gauge how your employees feel about a particular topic. They’re available in a variety of formats and provide a powerful tool for gathering real data to support your internal communications or overall company strategy. 

Create, send, and measure employee pulse surveys

Our drag-and-drop email builder makes it easy to create pulse surveys that look good (and work) both on a desktop or via mobile.  

Here are a few of the survey formats you can add to any email: 

  • Thumbs up/Thumbs down 
  • Yes/No
  • Star ratings (1-5) 
  • Emojis/mood
  • Comments and suggestions

You can use these to gather a wide range of responses from your employees, and of course, the potential use cases are endless (but here are 275 ideas to get you started!). After responding to your survey, employees are also given the option to provide additional comments. 

These surveys can simply be added as part of any email template or newsletter, or you can create an entirely separate email focused on a singular question (like an upcoming event or a review of a recent training session).


Gather feedback anonymously

If you’re looking for honest, unfiltered feedback or want to gauge reactions on a sensitive topic, you can make both your survey question and/or follow-up comments completely anonymous. In many cases, it’s important to make your employees feel that they can share their feedback without fear of reprisal or repercussions.

If you select an anonymous survey, the responses will not be associated with a name or an email address, and survey responses will not be able to be filtered by any list or group that’s smaller than 5 recipients. 

Get real-time responses and take action sooner

Some survey cycles take months before you get actionable feedback, but employees can read and answer most pulse surveys in less than 30 seconds. That means that you can take action sooner, and potentially shape company decisions on a much tighter timeline. 

Not only can these survey results be valuable for internal communications feedback, but they can become a key tool for providing of-the-moment insight to executive leadership.

(For example: many Workshop customers are currently using this feature to gauge return-to-office sentiment over time.) 

Increase engagement with your internal communications

Because they’re so quick to complete, pulse surveys usually get a much higher response rate. They’re also just a simple way to add interaction into your internal emails (along with GIFs and videos, which are also very easy to add to your Workshop templates) and boost your open and click-through rates. 

Perhaps the best part is that these surveys help to promote a culture of open communication and two-way dialogue. They show your team that you’re open to feedback, demonstrate awareness of crucial employee issues, and offer a go-to way to gather suggestions for improving the organization as a whole. 


Filter survey responses by department, location, & more

You can also use our filtering feature to drill into survey results from specific teams or departments. It’s a great way to segment the data and better understand company sentiment (like who wants to return to the office, who’s most interested in a new wellness program, or who likes that new newsletter format). 

Want to add surveys to your next employee newsletter? 

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