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Employee Engagement Survey Results (Communication Samples)

You've done your employee engagement survey, and now it's time to share the next steps and/or results with the rest of the company. Here are five templates to help you put together and communicate your results in a quick, concise way!

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How to use these communication templates

If you need a quick example of an email or update to share with everyone after your employee engagement survey, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together five communication samples to help you craft a quick message to share the results and/or next steps of your employee engagement survey. There’s a template here that can help you shape post-survey communication regardless of how your survey went; if you’re really happy with the participation level, if your results were incredible, or if you need to face a big internal issue head-on.

What to include when sharing your company's employee engagement survey results

There are a few important things to include when communicating your employee engagement survey results:

  1. Thank all of your employees for participating. Let them know how grateful you are for their openness and let them know that their voices have been heard, and their opinions are a meaningful part of shaping the future culture of the company.
  2. Own up to the negatives. Resist the urge to put a positive spin on areas where your company scored low on engagement. Acknowledge that the company has work to do, and declare your intent to shape and deliver on an action plan to make improvements. Every organization has their low point in an engagement survey, and it’s such a great opportunity for growth, honesty, and transparency.
  3. Highlight the positives. Even if your score is much lower than you want it to be, there are going to be areas that you can highlight and places of internal pride. Every employee plays a part in shaping the company culture, and this is a great place to honor their contributions and highlight their efforts.

We have drafted all of these sample communication templates to come from the CEO or President; this is typically best practice, but occasionally we see them come from the VP of People Operations, Human Resources, or a Head of Engagement that’s specifically tasked with this project.

Download this template:

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