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Earth Day ideas for work: impactful ways to celebrate, email topics, and subject lines

Kelsey Kingdon

One of the most significant observances in April is Earth Day (it falls on April 22 this year!), which provides you with an excellent opportunity to highlight the company’s sustainable, green, and/or environmental initiatives. But if you are unsure where to start with your workplace Earth Day initiatives, we have you covered! We are sharing our favorite ideas for impactful ways to celebrate Earth Day with your team! Plus, additional Earth Day email ideas, subject lines, and even a template so you can create the perfect and engaging Earth Day email.

Impactful ways to celebrate Earth Day with your team (and create Earth Day email content at the same time):

  • Donate to local or national causes: Supporting environmental causes is a great habit to get into, and there are tons of awesome projects to choose from (you can even donate to Earth Day). But make sure that you aren’t only committing to Earth Day with your dollars: back up your donations with tangible actions (like reducing your carbon footprint).
  • Connect with nature: What better way to celebrate Earth Day than experiencing it for yourself? Book a time for employees to take part in a nature walk (either as a socially distanced group, or have everyone do it independently and send in photos afterwards!)
  • Share ways to reduce the company’s carbon footprint: Don’t forget to actually implement them during this week and beyond! Always pair your corporate words with corporate actions. 🙂
  • Run a food waste challenge: In the US alone, around 40% of food is wasted each year 😲. Challenge employees to calculate their FoodPrint (here’s a link to the quiz!), waste zero food for one week, or run a cooking workshop that helps teach the team innovative ways to use leftovers.
  • Create an eco-friendly working guide: Educate employees with a step-by-step guide explaining how to reduce their environmental impact at work (or home). Include tips on reducing electricity use, food waste, and travel.
  • Go paperless: These days, most banks and services provide paperless options. Take a look over your weekly mail drop and see if there’s any providers you can scale back the paper waste with. Then, move your systems online with smart tools for key processes, like hiring. And, if you’re still printing your employee newsletter? Move to something like Workshop, and deliver your newsletter via email and text messaging instead.
  • Take part in a local cleanup: Earth Day is all about getting involved via direct action. Cleanups are an impactful and fun way to physically involved. Check out Earth Day’s official Great Global Cleanup page for more info and events near you!

Additional Earth Day email ideas to include:

  • Local environmental volunteer opportunities
  • Eco-friendly transportation options for commuting to work 
  • Tips for living more sustainably
  • Upcoming local Earth Day events
  • Ideas for eco-friendly office practices
  • Ways to reduce waste and promote recycling in the office
  • Information + action items on the company’s sustainability efforts and goals
  • A list of eco-friendly food options or local restaurants
  • Resources for learning more about environmental issues and advocacy (the official Earth Day website is a wonderful resource!)
  • Sustainable product recommendations for office supplies
  • Tips for reducing single-use plastics in the workplace (Consider handing out branded reusable water bottles to employees!)

Earth Day email subject lines:

  • Small steps, big impact: Earth Day at [Company Name]
  • Earth Day is on April 22: Here’s how we are celebrating
  • Eco-friendly ideas for a greener workplace
  • Together, we can make a difference this Earth Day
  • 5 steps [Company Name] is taking to go green for Earth Day
  • Earth Day Challenge: Join us in going green!
  • Join the [Company Name] Green Team!
  • Happy Earth Day! Join us in making a positive impact
  • [Company Name] Earth Day Challenge
  • Invest in our planet: Earth Day initiatives at [Company Name]

Earth Day email template

So now you have: 

  • Your program initiatives to educate and inspire your team to take action
  • A few additional Earth Day ideas to include in your email
  • An eye-catching subject line

But now you may be thinking, how will this email look? We have you covered there, too! We have created a dedicated Earth Day email template you can use directly in Workshop! (You can always just use it as inspiration, too 😉)

Preview full template here.

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