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NEW! Schedule emails based on employees' time zones to boost open rates & create a better experience icon

An email platform built for global internal communication

Reach your global teams at the right time and in the right language with Workshop! From time zone sending to translation, we've crafted an internal communications tool that makes it easier than ever to communicate across continents.

Easily create relevant, targeted internal comms

Schedule emails based on your employees' time zones

Schedule your emails to arrive during the recipient's working hours, whether it's 9 AM in New York or 9 AM in Tokyo. It's a simple gesture that goes a long way in fostering a sense of unity.

Display different content for different audiences

With audience segmentation, you can create content that’s displayed based on an employee’s list membership. It makes it easy to customize any row of your email by location, department, role, and more!

Translate internal emails into multiple languages (with AI!)

With Workshop's translation feature, your employees can immediately choose the language they’d like to read the email in! All it takes is a single click, and your audience can instantly see the content in the language of their choice.

Get instant feedback from global teams

Actively seek input from team members across the globe, allowing everyone to feel heard and valued. Embed a pulse survey to get a quick 'pulse' check on how employees feel about a particular topic or email.

See how Workshop can boost engagement with your internal comms!


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