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Schedule emails based on employees’ time zones

Jamie Bell

Boost your open rates and deliver a better employee experience with time zone sending! By automatically scheduling your emails according to employees’ time zones, you can ensure your emails are received during the most optimal time of your team’s day.

This feature is a game-changer for global teams. It ensures that no one in your organization receives an email late in the night (or far outside of their standard working hours). 

Plus, it’s a big win for any internal communicator’s workflow! There’s no need to create multiple emails for multiple locations ever again (which also means your analytics won’t be split up across a bunch of different email sends).

There isn’t a big IT burden, either; in fact, setting up your employee time zones is quite simple. We’ve built in three different options, based on what information you have available: 

  • Sync over/import your employees’ time zone data (via an HR platform, for example)
  • Use employee postal codes & country data (which we’ll then convert into time zones)
  • Use only country code (which will deliver the email within a good 4-5 hour window of the recipient’s time zone) 

All three of these are much more reliable than using a field like IP address to “guess” a time zone, so you can feel really confident in the data.  To get more information about bringing these attributes into Workshop, read more here.

The best part? Once you’ve set it up, you can send any email via time zone with one simple checkbox. (No need to calculate the best time or select all of the time zones manually!)

And once your email is out the door, you can easily track the progression of your emails being sent out across time zones and know that it’s being delivered at the right hour of the day.

When paired with features like translation, audience segmentation, and embedded surveys, Workshop is making it easier than ever to communicate across continents.

Time zone sending is only available on our Premium plan! Get in touch with our sales team for access/pricing.

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