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Reach your employees quickly & easily via text

Jamie Bell

When your teams are on the move, in the field, or on the floor, it’s crucial to communicate with them directly and instantly. Workshop now offers seamless, super-fast two-way texting to ensure your messages reach your employees, no matter where they are!

The only two-way employee text messaging system

Workshop is the only internal communications platform that enables real-time replies and interactive text message conversations with employees. Our tool is designed to enhance employee engagement, especially for frontline or deskless teams (or just those who don’t have a corporate email address).

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use platform: Create, send, preview, schedule, and track SMS messages with ease! If you’re familiar with our email editor, know that our text editor is just as simple to use. You can create and send texts with a few quick clicks!
  • Instant feedback: Quickly respond to employee questions in real-time and manage them all in a shared inbox.
  • Comprehensive analytics: Gain insights on opt-outs, clicks, and deliverability.
  • Photo & MMS support: Employees can send images or files directly from the field.
  • User-friendly management: Add team members from various departments to manage messages and replies.

Connect with employees instantly

When you’re short on time and need employees to be contacted right away, SMS is the go-to solution. It’s ideal for urgent or time-sensitive communications. Here are some other popular use cases:

  • Event invites & reminders
  • Benefits updates
  • Major announcements
  • Office closures or IT outages
  • Crisis communications
  • New hire onboarding
  • Surveys & feedback

Enhance your internal communications strategy

Workshop’s SMS tool complements your email communications, ensuring you stay connected with all employees, especially those without regular email access. Together, email and SMS provide a really cohesive way to reach the entirety of your team.

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Watch a quick 2-min walkthrough

See how easy it is to send a text; no need to configure it a hundred times or contact IT in an emergency. It’s built right into the Workshop platform, so you can consolidate tools and schedule all of your emails and text from one place. And just like we did with email, it’s super easy to create, send, preview, and track your SMS messages!

Pricing & plans

You can add text messaging to any paid email plan, starting at just $150/month.

  • Questions about our old SMS integration/cross-posting to other channels? Reach out to us here.
  • Looking for a quick quote or to schedule a short demo? You can do so here.
  • Wondering if texting will work for your workforce, what our message limits are, or anything else? Reach out to us here.

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