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Reach employees quickly and easily via text

When your teams are on the move, in the field, or on the floor, it’s important to be able to communicate with them directly and instantly! Workshop offers seamless and super fast two-way texting that’s easy to add to your existing internal communication efforts.

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The only two-way
employee text messaging system

Workshop is the only internal communications platform that gives you the option to get real-time replies and have interactive text message conversations with employees! Our tool was built for a better employee experience and offers an easy way to boost engagement (especially with frontline or deskless teams).


Easy-to-use platform

Create custom distribution lists without IT! We hook up to your HRIS system so you don’t have to add or remove employees by hand or by request; it all happens automatically.


Get instant feedback & send replies

Our two-way text messaging system lets you quickly reply to incoming messages and send responses to employee questions!


Education, onboarding, & support

We’ll work with your team from start to finish to set up opt-in messages, import/sync phone numbers, and tackle IT questions.


Comprehensive analytics

Get useful insights on all your text message conversations to improve your internal communication, including opt-outs, click-throughs, and deliverability!


Photo & MMS support

Do your employees need to send you an image or file from the field? Workshop even allows for inbound multimedia messaging (MMS).


Add extra users & departments

You can easily add team members from HR, marketing, IT, and more to your account and give them the ability to send messages and/or replies.

Connect with employees instantly

SMS is the best channel for urgent or time-sensitive internal communications, but that's not all! These are a few of our customers’ favorite ways to use employee texting:

  • Benefits updates
  • Event invites & reminders
  • Major announcements
  • Office closures or IT outages
  • New hire onboarding
  • Surveys & feedback
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A delightful SMS tool built
by the #1 email platform for
internal communications

Realistically, we know that there are situations where employees don’t have quick access to their inbox (or don’t have a corporate email address in the first place).

That’s why Workshop built a two-way SMS tool to complement your email communi- cations. Adding SMS is the perfect way to is the perfect way to reach frontline and deskless employ- ees who may not be checking their emails all day long.

When used together, email and SMS are a surefire way to stay connected with 100% of your team!

See pricing and plans

Starting at just $150 a month
with any paid plan

No need to worry about credits or usage, either; you can send as many emails and texts as you want! It’s one of many reasons why hundreds of distributed companies in healthcare, tech, finance, manufacturing, and food/beverage distribution have switched to Workshop for internal email and employee text messaging.


How is the pricing for SMS determined?

Pricing is based on the number of employees you’ll be sending to! Our plans start at $150/month for companies under 300 employees, and scale up depending on your total recipients and/or senders.

From there, you won’t need to worry about how many text messages you can send; it’s unlimited!

Do we need employees to consent for us to text them?

Yes! Best practice is to manage consent through the employee onboarding process and have employees agree to text communications via their employment agreement.

Many providers also use “implied consent” to communicate with employees, which basically states that if an employee inputs their phone number into the HRIS, they are implying they are OK receiving SMS messages until they opt out.

(Note: there is also an exception for certain emergency situations.)

When rolling out a new SMS communications tool for employees, you should describe all the types of texts you plan to send. For example, you should explain if you plan to text employees only for emergency alerts, or if you also will text them to notify them of company events, facilities updates, benefits eligibility, and other important content. (This will also help decrease your opt-outs and increase engagement!)

How should we get consent from employees?

There are a number of good options for getting consent, and Workshop can help you implement them!

The best practice is to manage consent through the employee onboarding process and have employees agree to text communications via their employment agreement.

Many providers also use “implied consent” to communicate with employees, which basically states that if an employee inputs their phone number into the HRIS, they are implying they are OK receiving SMS messages until they opt out.

Can I use Workshop to send marketing messages or sell products to employees?

Workshop is specifically designed to facilitate the communication of timely updates and reminders related to the employment relationship, not to communicate commercial marketing or sales messages. You are not permitted to use our texting platform to send any commercial, marketing, or sales messages, including any messages that encourage participation in a commercial activity as defined under CASL in Canada (and similar laws will apply in the US).

Do I need to notify employees that they will be contacted via text message?

Yes, employees should be notified of the purposes for which their mobile phone number will be used, including the types of text messages that will be sent! Depending on the type of messages, you may need to provide your employees with the option to choose how they wish to receive the text messages. You can find more details on gaining consent above.

What laws apply to sending text messages to employees in the United States?

Laws may vary from state to state, and it’s important to consult with your legal counsel to ensure you are compliant with these laws! In the U.S., these rules come mostly from the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and related regulations issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), but state laws and mobile carrier requirements also are important.

What laws apply to sending text messages to employees in Canada?

In Canada, text messaging is governed by Canadian federal and provincial privacy legislation and, depending on the type of message, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (“CASL”). It’s important to always consult with your legal counsel to ensure you are complying with these laws!

What laws apply to sending text messages to employees in Europe?

Workshop currently doesn’t support sending text messages to employees in Europe.

While the sending of text messages for the purposes of direct marketing is tightly regulated by the ePrivacy Directive in the EU and PECR in the UK, those rules do not apply to the sending of text messages to employees for management purposes. However, employees’ mobile phone numbers are personal data so you should make sure that you handle that information in accordance with data protection law. For example, you should make clear in your employee privacy policy that you will use phone numbers to send messages and you need to keep those numbers secure.

How will we import or get employee phone numbers?

If you have phone numbers listed in your directory, Workshop can sync those over. As a general note, we find that most Active Directory instances are not correct when it comes to phone numbers. Typically, your HRIS is typically the best source of truth!

Additionally, you can always manually upload a CSV of phone numbers.

Can employees opt out of text messages?

Yes, this is a legal requirement! Providing clear instructions for opting out and respecting employees’ preferences regarding communication channels is crucial for maintaining positive relationships and compliance with regulations like GDPR and TCPA.

As a note, we’ll show you opt-outs on the analytics page, too!

Workshop cannot resubscribe employees to receive text messages, but an individual can opt back in by texting “START” to any previously sent message.

Can employees reply to SMS messages sent by the company?

Yes! Employees can reply to SMS messages sent by the company. The ability for two-way communication via SMS allows employees to respond to inquiries, provide feedback, or ask questions directly through text messages. These messages will show up in the inbox, where you can reply back if needed.

How secure are SMS messages sent to employees?

SMS messages are generally considered secure for sending basic information. However, they are not encrypted end-to-end like some messaging apps. It’s essential to avoid sending sensitive or confidential information via SMS and to adhere to best practices for data security and privacy.

How quickly can SMS messages be delivered to employees?

The delivery speed of SMS messages can vary depending on factors like network congestion and the capabilities of the SMS service provider. In general, SMS messages are delivered within seconds to minutes after being sent. As such, they’re a great way to reach employees in a time-sensitive or urgent manner!

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