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Change Management Plan Template

This change management plan template provides an outline for describing how a change will be managed, from defining what success looks like to identifying the roles and responsibilities of the core team responsible for implementing and driving the change. 

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How to use this change management plan template

Though lightweight, this blank template serves as a great basis for getting the facts, key messages, and roles and responsibilities down on paper. So many organizational changes happen very quickly; we find that it’s incredibly beneficial to slow down and think through at least these key items before rolling out communications to a wider team.

What you'll find in this change management plan template

Our change management plan template includes:

  • A definition of success: Every change should have one! Are you trying to limit employee turnover? Drive better results for the company or value for shareholders? Increase employee engagement? (You don’t have to share this document or this definition widely, but it’s good to be on the same page, especially when large-scale changes can have so many different stakeholders competing for attention.)
  • A change outline: Get the facts and main journalistic details down, so there’s no question about the fundamental pieces of the change.
  • A list of ‘core team’ members: We advocate for putting together a core team that’s representative of different roles, departments, and opinions. Here, you can list out the members of that team to reference throughout the change management process, and bring back together for a debrief.
  • Messaging outline: Including what audience you’re crafting the messaging for, “what’s in it for them,” and the key message you want to get across.
  • Change management timeline: Outline what steps will happen when. We’ve included a sample you can work off of, but feel free to create your own timeline based on the company’s particular needs and situation.
  • Project management: The most successful change management strategies include quite a lot of production work. Here, you can outline major tasks, deadlines, and who they’re assigned to.
  • Feedback & results: Don’t forget this section! We recommend planning a debrief ~1 month into the change and regrouping with the “core team.”
Download this template:

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