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45+ employee newsletter ideas for July 2022

by Jamie Bell No Comments

It’s extra hard to engage employees during the long summer months, but have no fear! You won’t have to spend hours and hours researching “fun and creative ideas for July newsletters.” We’ve put together this employee-focused content planning shortcut to help. 🙂 We’ve culled and compiled and come up with a long, creative list of July newsletter content ideas to help get you started!

July 2022 holidays and observances

One of the most popular forms of content in employee emails is celebrating the month’s holidays and/or honoring specific observances. We’ve done all the research for you and narrowed down the list of daily and monthly holidays and observances to find the ones that are either 1.) relevant for work or 2.) just light-hearted, engaging ways to spruce up your newsletter. Take a scroll!

Note: Some of these days hold special cultural and/or religious significance or are observances of sensitive topics, so if you choose to refer to them in your employee newsletters, remember to be thoughtful, intentional, and considerate.

Daily holidays and observances in July
July 1: Canada Day, International Joke Day, National Postal Worker Day
July 2: Passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
July 4: Independence Day (U.S.)
July 7: Chocolate Day
July 13: National French Fries Day
July 15: National Give Something Away Day
July 17: World Emoji Day
July 18: World Listening Day
July 20: National Hot Dog Day
July 24: Parent’s Day, National Drive-Thru Day
July 25: National Hire a Veteran Day, National Wine & Cheese Day
July 26: National Disability Independence Day
July 27: Take your Houseplants for a Walk Day
July 27: National Intern Day (last Thursday in July)
July 29: System Administrator Appreciation Day (last Friday in July)
July 31: National Avocado Day

Monthly holidays and observances in July
Dog Days of Summer (July 3 – August 11)
National Independent Retailer Month
National Anti-Boredom Month
National Grilling Month
National Parks & Recreation Month
National Picnic Month

Seasonal topics and themes for employee newsletters in July


July is a perfect month to celebrate summer and really bring the community together: think picnics, cookouts, block parties, concerts, outdoor weddings, fireworks, music in the park, farmer’s markets, you name it.

Here are a few ideas of things we like to add to our July newsletters:

  • Local outdoor events: Find a calendar of local events and spotlight one or two for the team; bonus points if they’re family-oriented, since often the kids are still enjoying their summer vacations!
  • Recipes: It can be fun to have your employees share their favorite potluck/picnic recipe…after all, we know we’re all scrambling last-minute for something to bring to all the seasonal festivities.
  • Summer intern spotlight: If you’ve hired interns for the summer, spotlight a few of the key projects they’re working on or showcase a day in the life!
  • What’s new at/in the office: Your team might be enjoying the great outdoors and taking advantage of those vacation days (as they should!), so it’s nice to give the entire team a look at a particular office location, show off a new in-office amenity, or share photos from the latest company barbecue.
  • Q3 goals and OKRs: July marks the beginning of the third quarter, so it’s time to set the course for a truly great season! Keep your employees updated with communication about what’s to come for Q3, or use your newsletter as a way to course-correct if the company isn’t quite on track (after all, we’re now more than halfway through it).
  • Marketing offers or new items: If your company is launching something new or running a summer sale, keep your team in the loop on the details of the offer and/or the latest and greatest goods/services.
  • Team-building events and activities: Don’t let employee engagement fall off during the summer months; take the opportunity to surprise and delight your team with lighthearted activities and remote events. (We’re particularly intrigued by some of the virtual classes that Confetti offers here!)
  • Community efforts, causes, businesses, etc.: This is the perfect time to get out and support your local community, whether it’s attending a local event, sponsoring a company lunch at a local restaurant, or getting the team to spend a day volunteering for a really great cause. (And if you need help segmenting your employee newsletters by specific locations, we can help with that!)

Put together your July employee newsletter in less than 30 minutes

If your monthly employee newsletters are taking you hours to create and send, we’re here to help! You can create engaging, on-brand internal emails in less time than ever with our drag-and-drop editor. (Plus, we hook up to your employee data so you always have up-to-date distribution lists, and give you all the analytics you need to gauge your success.)

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