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Automatically update your employee distribution lists

Jamie Bell

Internal communicators should be able to independently build and manage employee distribution lists. They shouldn’t have to wait on an IT request, upload a CSV of new employees, or manually double-check if the all-company list is accurate. They should be able to leverage the data in an HR system (or in any internal system with the most up-to-date data) to build the perfect email distribution list.

We’ve been hard at work building towards this vision and are thrilled to introduce the industry’s most powerful list-building tool for internal communications: Automatic Lists! 

With Automatic Lists, you’re able to build powerful, dynamic distribution lists using data from within your company’s HR system of choice. Once the integration is set up, you can create lists from any available field (hire date, department, title, location…you name it!). From then on, any time a contact is updated or created that matches that field, your contact will automatically be added to the list. And any time that contact no longer matches that field, your contact will automatically be removed from the list!

The easiest example? Your all-company distribution list. With Automated Lists, you’ll know that it is always correct, every time. It will automatically add new hires, and automatically remove anyone who has left the company. 

Of course, there’s a bunch of other use cases that you can (and will!) dream up.

Maybe you’re building a new hire campaign and need a list of every employee that started working in the last 60 days. Automatic Lists makes that easy to do!

Or, you’re rolling out an updated work-from-home policy for your sales team and need a list of sales leaders in your company, but only those that are working remotely.

Or, maybe you want to send out an email to all of the employees in the Austin office letting them know that there’s a free ice cream truck parked out front right now. Surprise! 

Automatic Lists are as powerful as your imagination, and save you so much time. You’ll be freed up to easily develop more targeted comms strategies, and trust that your distribution lists are always up-to-date and accurate (because you built them!). 

Leverage the data from your HR system — or other data source

Create dynamic lists from fields within your HR system or wherever your data lives. Workshop integrates with ADP, Workday, UKG, SAP,  Okta, Outlook, Google, and 20+ other data sources.  No matter where your employee data lives,  Automatic Lists can leverage it. (See a full list of our integrations here, and get in touch if you need something custom!)

Take control of your lists

With Automatic Lists, you no longer have to rely on IT! Create your own complex and dynamic lists right from Workshop’s easy-to-use interface; no exporting and importing and uploading and triple-checking.

Trust your lists are accurate and always up-to-date

Automatic Lists are — wait for it — automatic! That means they’ll always be up-to-date and are always accurate based on the data within your HR system. If a field is updated in the HR system (e.g. an employee receives a promotion and their  title changes), any list leveraging that field will be updated. (Seriously, it’s pretty magical!)

Get creative and improve targeting

With Automatic Lists, there’s no email campaign that’s too targeted. You can be as creative, as detailed, and as targeted as your communication strategy needs to be. The possibilities are endless with Automatic Lists. 

See how Automatic Lists can work with your data.

Just contact us for a short demo!


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