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New & improved content blocks and image editing

Jamie Bell

We’ve added a few new drag-and-drop content blocks and image editing features to make it easier than ever to create an engaging internal email!

NEW! Table block

No need to mess with HTML or make a table in Canva; you can now drag, drop, and style up a table really easily, right within your email! Plus, it comes with a bunch of in-line styling options. You can add up to eight columns, add column titles, add a border around the table, add alternating colors to your rows, and hyperlink your table text. (More details in our help doc here.)

Quick tip: Verify your table design in mobile mode – too many columns within a table can result in a mobile design view that is not ideal!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use a table block in your email:

  • Birthdays & anniversaries
  • Company/federal holidays
  • Project updates and/or roadmaps
  • Bonus structures
  • Event schedules

NEW! Spacer block

It’s exactly what it sounds like! Similar to our Divider block, this drag-and-drop element gives you clean space between rows without the need for a dividing line.

Updates to our text-focused blocks

We’ve removed the Text block in favor of three more defined content options (Title, Paragraph, and List). This will allow you to easily and consistently change font weights, line heights, and spacing, rather than needing to customize it every time. The list block offers options to change the look of each bullet point, your indentation for list items, and makes it easy to automatically create numbered lists.

NEW! Image editing features

Our image editor has even more ways to make your graphics just the way you want them! You can now add text, shapes, or arrows to make them stand out. Plus, you can easily resize your images with custom dimensions.

New to Workshop? See an overview of our email editor here.

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