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Showcase your internal comms ROI with custom reporting

Jamie Bell

Workshop now gives you the ability to download any email’s analytics! Share beautifully designed PDF reports with your team and leadership, or create your own graphs and spreadsheets by downloading all the raw data you need via CSV.

Download PDFs of your email analytics

Export data as CSVs to create your own reports

Looking to pull a wide range of email performance metrics? You can now export the raw email data from Workshop via CSV and import it into the spreadsheet or data visualization tool of your choice.

We’ve made it a simple process to narrow down the information you want to include, whether it’s a specific set of metrics or a defined set of dates.

Share key metrics and results with stakeholders

We’re passionate about measuring the effectiveness of internal communications, which is why we’ve built in so much data directly into the Workshop platform, like:

  • Opens and clicks (total and unique)
  • Read time
  • Devices
  • Timeline
  • Survey results
  • Filters by department, team, and location

A few of our favorite ways to use these reporting features include: sending a recap to key stakeholders, filtering big announcements by team to track engagement, importing CSV data into our favorite data visualization software to create our own reports, and capturing quick survey response data & real-time feedback to share with the team.

Improve your internal comms strategy over time

Discover what content performs the best, who is the least engaged, what days to send emails, and so much more.

Want to get access to custom reporting and start making measurable improvements to your internal communications strategy? Learn more and schedule a short demo here


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