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Personalize content & boost engagement with audience segmentation

Jamie Bell

In any row in your email, you can create content that’s displayed based on the employee’s list membership. This is an excellent option if you have different content you want to show to different types of team members.

For example: for your open enrollment emails, you could display content differently based on whether the employee’s chosen plan is changing or not. Or for your employee newsletters, you could create variations of a local events calendar to display to employees based on their location.

Using audience segmentation, there are virtually endless possibilities for personalizing your emails to provide your team with targeted, relevant content! Here are a few ideas for how to get started with segmenting your internal audiences.

Specific ways to personalize an email in Workshop

Are you looking to personalize a specific word or phrase in your email? Merge tags will give you the ability to sub in first names, job titles, or any custom property you can think of to personalize the text within your email. It’s great for greetings (“Hey, {First Name}”), department names or contacts, or even specific URLs (you can send individualized gift cards this way)!

Need to customize an entire section of your email? That’s where audience segmentation comes in. You can change up the whole row (image, text, CTA button, etc.) based on your employees’ list membership. 

Need to change up an entire email for different audiences? You can clone it and send another email separately (but track all of the analytics as part of one campaign). We see customers use this often for full translations for international audiences or newsletters from week to week.

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