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Grab the perfect stock image in seconds with Unsplash + Smart Assist

Jamie Bell

Get access to over 2 million free stock images and photos in Workshop’s email builder! With our new Unsplash integration, you can easily and instantly search through a huge library of professional, free stock photos from right within the email. 

That’s a pretty massive image library, though. And although access to great stock imagery is one issue, we also wanted to solve for the amount of time it takes to search and sift through stock images. 

That’s where Smart Assist comes in: our new set of AI-powered features that are designed to offer helpful suggestions at common sticking points during the creative process. Smart Assist features will take in the context of your email and provide you with options for beautiful imagery, clearly-written content, performance improvements, and so much more. 

With stock images, Smart Assist will read through your email and offer image suggestions for you instantly. It leverages Unsplash and AI to dramatically speed up your content creation and give you a quick shortcut when a stock image is all you really need. 

Here’s a look at it in action:

Our rollout of stock images (featuring Smart Assist!) is also a great representation of our approach to navigating the AI landscape. We know that internal communications are unique to your organization, so we aren’t looking to add AI features that replace all your work or provide you with out-of-context or generic content suggestions.

Instead, Smart Assist features will always be thoughtfully designed and fully integrated into Workshop’s existing experience. In the case of stock photos, it eliminates the need to prompt an AI or search through an endless library of possibilities, and instead returns beautiful, free, ready-to-use, and contextually aware images. (You can read more about our approach to AI here.) 


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