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Engaging internal newsletter software

Create relevant, well-designed messages in minutes, and send them to a select group of employees via email, text, or Slack.

Internal newsletters, reimagined

Better than marketing email software

If you’re using MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, etc., for internal updates, there's a better way! Don't worry about employees hitting the unsubscribe button or constantly managing distribution lists; Workshop was intentionally built for employee communications.

Functionality that goes far beyond email

We all know the average email just doesn't cut it anymore. With Workshop, email is just the beginning: you can also attach resources, send text notifications, add comments/reactions, and edit your updates (even after you post them)!

Actionable analytics for better communications

Analyze your message's performance, see exactly who has read it, and outline next steps! We'll keep you posted on all of your most engaging updates and work with you to craft an even better internal communications strategy.

20 ideas for creating an engaging employee newsletter

If your team is going to put the time and effort into making a company newsletter (and you haven’t found a way to automate it yet), you want to make sure people will put in the effort to read it. With that, here are a handful of our top tips to create a more engaging company newsletter!


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Improve your internal comms

Use Workshop to create and share all kinds of internal updates: all-company newsletters, policy updates, office closures, and more, all within a single piece of software.

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