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Workshop raises $5.2M to streamline internal email and communications

Jamie Bell

Happy Monday!

In case you missed it, today we announced that we’ve raised $5.2 million in additional seed funding, led by McCarthy Capital out of their Emerging Growth strategy. It also included support from a group of prominent Silicon Valley and Midwest venture funds, including Coelius Capital, All Access Fund, Invest Nebraska, and M25.

With our last round, we were able to lay the foundation and begin building an incredible product and presence in the internal communications space, with a laser-sharp focus on truly and cohesively solving the problems that come along with emailing employees on even a semi-regular basis. 

Here are just a few of the other things we’ve accomplished in just one year’s time: 

  • Created a standout platform for internal email that truly solves the pain points of employee communications (instead of relying on marketing workarounds or IT support)
  • Built up a customer base that’s responsible for communications to over 50,000 employees every month, from Fortune 100 companies to beloved brands like Lime and Home Chef (check out a small sample of our reviews!)
  • Developed more integrations than any other internal email solution,  including syncing with HRIS systems and other communications channels, like Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Launched dozens of new features, including an email template library, internal communications campaign reporting, embedded pulse surveys, and more
  • Brought together an optimistic community of over 20K+ communicators via our weekly newsletter, The Happy Monday Club

And because we love celebrating good news on Mondays, we’re also incredibly proud to announce the official launch of our new Automatic Lists feature, which enables internal communications teams to integrate with their best employee data sources and create their own automatically updated distribution lists (without the need for IT support). We are able to deliver this feature specifically by offering more integrations than any other internal email platform, enabling teams to pull in employee contact data from Outlook or Google, their HRIS system (including UKG, Workday, and more), or their payroll software (including Gusto, ADP, and more).

We’re thrilled and honored to partner with McCarthy Capital through the next phase of growth, and know that they believe in our product vision, our team, and the opportunity in the market. With this new capital, we’ll double down on our product strategy and work to provide even more robust solutions for internal communications teams across the world.

As a result, we’re also looking for a world-class team to help us achieve these goals, with a current focus on bringing on more engineering and sales talent. (Check out our open roles here!)

Looking forward to what’s next! 🚀

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